DENSO has always been a world leader in the field of automotive engine thermal products, systems that today account for about 80% of the company's turnover, and today, with the new Business Unit Refrigerators of Denso Thermal Systems, it expands into the cold chain market, contributing to the improvement of the transport of perishable and special goods.

Refrigeration systems for frozen goods (applications up to -30°C, with fast cool down) and at strictly controlled temperatures (pharmaceutical sector or special goods transport) are produced at the Denso Thermal Systems plant in Poirino (TO) and offered for the European market.

Since 1993, DENSO has been a leader in this sector in Eastern markets, with highly innovative complete refrigeration systems, based on the high quality and reliability of all components, which allow a significant reduction in the total cost of the product throughout its life cycle, and high refrigeration performance with reduced volumes compared to competitors products, thanks to the innovative technologies used.

The Business Unit Refrigerators of Denso Thermal Systems obtained in February 2017 the accreditation of the Italian Ministry of Transport as a manufacturer of refrigeration units for the European market, and will soon be able to operate as an ATP certified testing center, thanks to the modern facilities of the plant in the area of Turin.

The European localization of the production of the refrigeration systems allows the DENSO Refrigerators range to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands of the complex European market, knowing that customers in the refrigeration sector are different from those operating in the automotive sector (OEM, OES and IAM), for this reason the company decided to structure and focus specifically in the sector with a dedicated structure, in order to anticipate the needs of the market to immediately compete with the main competitors, offering specific products born to meet the needs of the final customer.

The reduction of CO2 emissions and more generally the protection of the environment are today a priority for the European Union, for this reason DENSO has long started a specific research and development activity on new refrigeration systems, which allows today to the Refrigerators range to stand out for the high efficiency of components (up to +25%) and for the significant reduction in energy consumption (up to -33%) compared to standard products currently on the market; the research activities applied to the refrigeration sector are shipped in our laboratories, with the aim of having in future years systems that are even more performing and which at the same time allow greater protection of the environment around us.


  • Refrigeration units in negative and positive temperature under with ATP (operating up to -30°C).
  • Wide range of solutions in ATP with r134, r404, r452 gas in road and stand-by option.
  • Wide range of integrated refrigerated solutions, roof and nose, to satisfy even the most complex application.
  • Systems for the transport of special goods such as medicines or live animals (with constant temperature in the medium/long term) built on the technical specifications defined with the car makers.
  • Specific systems specifically designed for customer needs


  • The experience of a dedicated team of professionals working with a 360° approach, based on the competitive advantages of the DENSO experience gained over many years of business with customers all over the world.
  • Original products manufactured in Italy with Japanese technology.
  • Components based on high manufacturing quality standards and subjected to rigorous tests, according to the regulations of the main world car makers.
  • Total control of the production chain with the use of original components manufactured in the different DENSO divisions, which make the product strongly different from that of any other competitor.
  • High efficiency of the components thanks to the applied technology, such as to allow high performances with very compact dimensions, thus minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Use of compressors with DENSO technology, synonymous with reliability, performance and efficiency and for these reasons chosen for years by the leading car makers for their applications.


  • Pre and post sales customer care activities, guaranteed by sector experts and DENSO brand service expertise.
  • Direct line designed for the bodybuilder or the end customer for the definition of the ideal product, for the support during the assembly phases and for the management of the problems in the aftermarket.
  • Dedicated and specialized service centers throughout Europe thanks to the global presence of DENSO and the availability of mobile workshops to assist the customer quickly and, if necessary, at home.

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