When you choose a robotic solution from DENSO you can rest assured that you are investing in a product of the highest calibre. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is, quite simply, second-to-none.

When industrial robots first appeared in the early 1960s, DENSO began to develop and apply the emerging technologies to its own production processes, allowing the company to constantly improve and advance the hardware and software.

And now, today, as the established market leader in the small assembly industrial robot segment, DENSO Robotics continues to set the benchmark in reliability, flexibility and functionality. With more than 60 000 DENSO robots installed across the globe – 16 000 of which are employed in its own manufacturing facilities – no other company has more knowledge or expertise.

Our Offer


We can reduce your production costs and increase your speed to market in the following ways

  • The unparalleled speed and precision of our robots save you time. Processes are completed

    faster and more accurately.

  • Our robots are hugely reliable and durable. And that means your production procedures operate at maximum efficiency.
  • The highly compact and lightweight design of our robots saves space. There is no unnecessary bulk or equipment. Your manufacturing area is utilised to its full capacity.
  • Our robots require the minimum amount of servicing and upkeep. Which means they constantly perform without the time and expenditure incurred by regular maintenance.
  • Because of their low energy consumption, DENSO robots keep power costs to a minimum while also helping the environment.


The environment is a crucial consideration during the production of DENSO robots and we are completely dedicated to reducing the use of hazardous substances.

Our awareness and commitment mean that DENSO robots are an environmentally friendly, ultra efficient and highly profitable investment. Our robots have been conceived for low energy consumption. For this, they have been provided with standard electric sockets for their use with 230V energy sources. Ultimately, our products and systems can help realise the full potential of your business in an eco-friendly manner.


From general manufacturing through to the pharmaceutical sector, a huge range of industries can benefit from the ways DENSO robots streamline and improve processes and procedures.The versatility and advanced functionality of our products allow them to be programmed for virtually any situation where a robotic arm is applicable. Whether the requirement is for straightforward “pick and place” or incredibly complex tasks and routines, such as the fully automated preparation of a medical injection, DENSO robots are at the forefront of today’s industrial applications.


DENSO robots have been conceived and produced so that programming them is as convenient and user‐friendly as possible. We have developed a range of tools that allow you to interact with our robots in a manner you find the most comfortable and familiar.

For ease and simplicity, all DENSO robot controllers have a standard Ethernet connection for attaching to another device such as a PLC or industrial PC.

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