DENSO Service

In a competitive industry such as the automotive industry, local experience and global resources are the secret of DENSO's success.
We know the needs of our customers well and we know how to adapt to the demands of a constantly evolving market, of which we are able to satisfy needs and anticipate trends thanks to our integrated approach. But our goal goes beyond the product and the requests of our customers, our mission is to help create a better world through a system of new values ​​oriented towards the future, of which the production approach and the way of placing ourselves on the market of our company are demonstration.
For DENSO, safety, comfort, environment and information are the aspects on which maximum focus is needed in the new automotive world. We have therefore broadened our perspectives, committing ourselves to the development of efficient and sustainable mobility solutions, at the service of the society in which we live and the local communities in which we operate.
Our vision is also the result of the determination with which, together with the main European car manufacturers, our customers, we develop cutting-edge products and technologies. With our commitment, we are sure that we have the best quality certificates, which guarantee Aftermarket customers the reliability of the DENSO method, the seriousness of our intentions and the excellent quality of our standards.

The same values ​​characterize the DENSO Service, which ensures:

  • assistance on diesel systems and air conditioning systems in the independent Aftermarket service, carried out by our network of dedicated workshops, distributed throughout the country;
  • a network in development of assistance centers for the newly created Refrigerators Business Unit;
  • the best specialized diagnostic equipment, branded DENSO;
  • training for workshop technicians, carried out by our best specialists, in turn trained and certified by DENSO Master Trainers in our centers of excellence;
  • the most complete technical documentation;
  • accurate and efficient management of Aftermarket products returned under warranty.