A/C Components

  • Condensers


    • Integrate seamlessly with the vehicle's original air conditioning system
    • Premium aluminium construction limits internal corrosion, extending A/C system life
    • Superior fin wave design optimises heat transfer and refrigerant condensation
    • Less power required from the compressor, aiding fuel economy 
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  • Evaporators


    • Vaporises the low pressure and low temperature refrigerant.
    • Suitable for a wide range of applications including Fiat Group, Iveco, Peugeot/Citroën and Renault
    • High corrosion resistance and long life expectancy
    • Each part is specially coated to prevent bacteria growth & resulting bad smells
  • Expansion Valves

    Expansion Valves

    A thermostatic expansion valve controls the evaporation process in the evaporator.

    • Precision built for a more consistent A/C operation, even when stationary
    • Reduces A/C outlet condensation, preventing potential freezing and blockage
  • Pressure Switches

    Pressure Switches

    Pressure switches (or pressure sensor) are a safety device, which protects the refrigerant cycle components from refrigerant pressure that is too high or too low.

  • Receiver Driers

    Receiver Driers

    The receiver drier stores refrigerant until the evaporator requires it. It separates gaseous from liquid refrigerant, ensuring that only liquid refrigerant flows to the evaporator.  It also works to filter and dry the refrigerant.

    • Delivers cold A/C temperatures on even the hottest days
    • Contributes to smoother, quieter A/C operation