Lambda Sensors

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The DENSO Difference

Features and Benefits

  • Low emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Optimum engine performance
  • Original equipment quality and reliability
  • Wide coverage and unique applications for Asian and European cars



Sensor housing

DENSO Lambda Sensors are available in two choices of OE quality housing. And with DENSO Sensors, the housing is complete. There’s no need for add-on parts such as flange adaptors!

  • Screw type housing
  • Flange type housing – including OE quality flange gasket

Sensor fitting

Whatever your installation need, DENSO’s two fitting options will help you make the right connection every time:

  • ‘Direct Fit’ Sensor – with OEM connector fitted, ready for installation.
  • ‘Universal Fit’ Sensor – without a connector, enabling you to re-use (and recycle!) the old part’s connector.


As you´d expect, DENSO Lambda Sensors are available in a broad range of applications. But they also offer all the advanced technologies you´ll need to find exactly the right OEM quality  replacements for your customers:

  • Zirconia Sensors both Thimble and Planar types.
  • A/F Sensors* both Thimble and Planar types.
  • Titania Sensors.

*Why have A/F (air/fuel) Sensors been developed?

A/F Sensor technology was a world-first innovation that was developed by DENSO, offering a sensor with a linear output that helps vehicles to meet the tightening emission regulations from EURO 3 onwards. This new system uses the air/fuel ratio sensor (A/F Sensor), replacing the conventional Lambda Sensor.