MAP Sensors

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The DENSO Difference

The MAP sensor detects the intake manifold pressure downstream from the throttle valve in order to indirectly calculate the intake air volume based on the relationship between pressure and engine rotational speed.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultimately simplified and compact structure using a bare chip mounting method: Sensor and circuit chips are directly mounted on the resin case (PPS-G40) to reduce the number of components to its smallest limit possible.
  • DENSO's proprietary on-chip noise prevention technology: The on-chip noise cancellation circuit requires no noise prevention components.
  • DENSO's own impact absorbing surface structure: To cope with an increasingly harsh use environment in the intake manifold. A two-layer surface structure made of full gel and rubber allows the sensor to be used in harsh environments in the intake manifold.
  • Electrical connection without soldering (wire bond connection): A wire bond electrical connection between devices and terminals provide greater reliability and requires no soldering (no use of lead).


  • MAPS: Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • T-MAPS: Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor with integrated Air Temperature Sensor