Mass Air Flow Sensors

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The DENSO Difference

Features and Benefits

  • Small size, light weight: The small bypass passage structure and control circuit significantly reduce the air flow meter’s size and weight. The control circuit is integrated with the top of the air flow meter, so only the small bypass passage containing the sensing element is inserted into the intake air pipe. This compact design minimises the air pressure drop in the intake air pipe
  • Highly reliable: Contamination of the sensing element is reduced thanks, to the unique bypass passage structure and a glass film coating the sensing element’s fine platinum wire



  • Highly accurate detection: Our bypass passage design prevents air turning towards the sensing element and air pulsations, allowing more accurate detection. The design protects the sensor from contaminants, enhancing accuracy and extends sensor life. The platinum wire sensing element responds quickly to changes in air flow
  • Easy to install: To install, simply insert the small bypass passage structure into the sensing element – enabling the air flow meter to be used in a wide variety of air systems


  • Plug-in hot wire


World First Innovations

  • The world’s first plug-in type air flow meter inserted into the air-intake wall; reducing size and weight, and making them easier to mount.
  • Improved air flow meter featuring a new sensing element bypass structure, which significantly reduces contamination of the sensing element for more accurate detection.

The unique, small-size passage shape of our MAF meters also results in more accurate detection, within a smaller, lighter unit.