Ignition Coils

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The DENSO Difference

Features and Benefits

Small size, lightweight

  • Innovative, small-size driving circuit is integrated into the top of the coil
  • Cylindrical ignition coil can be installed in the plug hole, saving previously ‘dead’ space

Energy saving

  • The coil’s improved magnetic efficiency generates a high voltage faster

Highly reliable

  • Advanced design ensures reliable high temperature, suppresses noise and eliminates phantom misfires
  • Only superior materials are used for top quality and reliability

Easy to install

  • Integrated igniter eliminates the need for high tension ignition wires, so easier to install


  • Stick coil
  • Coil on Plug (COP) for dual spark in a distributor-less system


DENSO is a long-standing leader in direct ignition technology, working in close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers around the world. We developed the car industry’s first, compact, stick-type ignition coil. DENSO also pioneered micro-sized driver circuits and diagonal inductive windings for improved performance in a smaller space. These design breakthroughs, and others, feature in DENSO’s Ignition Coils for the aftermarket, ensuring reliable, efficient ignition performance on every journey.