DENSO Spark Plugs

World's leading pioneers of OEM quality spark plug technology since 1959

  • Nickel TT

    Nickel TT

    • First ever fine-wired Spark Plug without precious metal on electrodes
    • Slimmer ground and center electrodes provide better ignitability than a Standard Plug
    • Less stock, same coverage: Nickel TT plugs cover many applications with fewer part references!
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  • Iridium TT

    Iridium TT

    > Vastly increased endurance

    > Improved Output

    > Reduced Emissions

    > Consolidated Range

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  • Nickel


    U-groove technology

    • Better fuel economy:
      U-groove can ignite leaner mixtures, leading to fewer misfires
    • Efficient combustion, lower emissions:
      U-groove allows the spark to expand and fill the gap created by the ‘U’ shape
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  • Platinum Longlife

    Platinum Longlife

    • 1.1 mm Platinum centre electrode and Platinum tipped ground electrode ensure optimal performance
    • Platinum’s superior resistance to erosion and corrosion enables DENSO Platinum plugs to create a spark plug capable of consistent, extended operation of up to 100,000 kilometres
    • Requires less voltage to ignite the air/fuel mixture
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  • Iridium Power

    Iridium Power

    • Improved ignitability
      Stronger spark delivers better ignition performance
    • Improved output
      Low voltage requirement and high ignitability improve combustion
    • Improved acceleration
      World’s smallest 0.4mm diameter centre electrode ensures superior acceleration response and fewer misfires
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  • Iridium Tough

    Iridium Tough

    • Longer lifetime: up to 100,000km
    • Better fuel economy: up to 5% better than most standard spark plugs
    • Reduced maintenance: longer service intervals
    • Ideal for LPG: withstands the severe ignition demands of LPG engines
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  • Iridium Racing

    Iridium Racing

    • F1 technology
    • Ultimate acceleration
    • High reliability
    • Boosted performance


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  • Iridum Super Ignition

    Iridum Super Ignition

    • Two ultra-fine, highly durable centre and ground electrodes
    • Latest Spark Plug technology
    • OE fitted in Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota & Volvo
    • Top performance
    • Long lifetime