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More than a "standard" spark plug!


Improved Ignition, fuel saving, engine and emissions performance

  • Better fuel economy: U-groove Spark Plugs can ignite leaner mixtures; therefore reducing misfires.
  • Smoother running: the spark and the flame are not crushed between the electrodes giving the flame front more space; thus increasing engine performance.
  • Efficient combustion: The "U" shape allows the spark to fill the gap; creating an efficient combustion.
  • Lower emissions: U-groove combines the advantage of a bigger gap, while maintaining a standard space.
  • Durability: The "U-groove" shape is located on the ground electrode (as opposed to the centre electrode); the area the least affected by wear and tear to ensure a maximum lifespan.


Intelligent design to minimise radio interferences

  • High quality Resistor: our full range of resistor plugs feature a metal sleeve artound the insulator and a protected connection point, to avoid potential interference with electronic equipment.
  • Reduces radio interferences: resistors located in the spark segment of the plug greatly reduce radiom interferences.
  • All-round electronicx systems performance: Resistors also avoid interferences with other electronic equipment  including mobile telephones, ignition and management systems, ABS and navigation systems.

Heat range

The best heat range performance on the market

  • More heat ranges: DENSO spark plugs cover more heat ranges than any other manufacturers without compromise on quality and performance; ensuring the right choice for almost every application, with optimal engine performance.
  • Less stock: Fewer part numbers to cover all heat ranges means less stock holding.
  • Ideal operating temperature: The unique design of DENSO Spark Plug helps channelling the ideal amount of heat out of the combustion chamber, ensuring DENSO plugs run neither too hot (causing pre-ignition), nor too cold (causing carbon fouling)


DENSO Spark Plug U Groove Technology













DENSO Resistor Spark Plug












DENSO Spark Plug Heat Range Comparison


For drivers that care about:

  • All-round performance
  • Long-lasting reliability
  • Value for money
  • Peace of mind
  • A popular choice