Wiper Blades

  • Hybrid Wiper Blades

    Hybrid Wiper Blades

    The combined advantages of advanced engineering, superior materials and futuristic design make DENSO’s Hybrid Wiper Blades some of the most desirable in the world. It’s no wonder they are the original equipment choice of some of the world’s top vehicle marques.

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  • Flat Blades

    Flat Blades

    A triumph of engineering design, DENSO’s Flat Wiper Blades hug every windscreen closely and evenly to wipe away rain and debris in even the worst weather conditions. With sleek styling and long life, they offer all-round appeal to every motorist.

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  • Conventional Blades

    Conventional Blades

    DENSO’s Conventional Blades offer a selection of four, advanced blade profiles to suit different windscreens and vehicle styles. There are also four different choices of installation system, and three clip options to suit you and your customer.

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  • Rear Blades

    Rear Blades

    DENSO’s advanced Rear Wiper Blades add further convenience for aftermarket distributors, and clearer rear-view vision for drivers.

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