Iridium Saver Performer

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Special Features


  • Improved performance & durability: Easier fi ring: The cross groove on the surface of the Iridium alloy centre electrode effectively creates four ‘mini-tips’ that fi re more readily than one large tip. Better spark: The cross groove design strengthens the fi eld intensity of the electrode, improving sparking performance. Lower required voltage: cross groove also suppresses voltage dispersion, resulting in a 4kV lower required voltage advantage over competitor plugs and as a result, better performance and durability.


  • Proving longer life: Required voltage is by: 1) Unique “Iridium alloy”. 2) Cross groove electrode, resulting in a longer life than conventional plug.
  • Cross groove design (M18mm plug): Four small electrodes created by cross groove improve sparking performance and suppress dispersion in voltage value, for an outstanding voltage decrease (patent USA6215234).


Iridium alloy pad with cross groove: The cross groove cut into the Iridium centre electrode tip enhances spark performance and lowers the discharge voltage.

The reduced discharge voltage results in increased operating hours over a SAVER plug.

 Iridium Saver Performer