Iridum Saver DDI

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Special Features

1. Highly reliable monolithic resistor:

IRIDIUM SAVER guarantees high reliability for withstanding high combustion pressures by incorporating a stress-resistant monolithic resistor that adheres to the resistor glass in the high temperature furnace. In addition, this eliminates interference to electronic equipment from high energy coil noise.

2. Powder sealing

3. Hot lock

4. Special Nickel plating with better corrosive resistance:

Better corrosive resistance for condensed acid water.

5. Copper core ground electrode

6. Iridium GE pad with robust welding for high temperature resistance and long life.


Iridium Saver DDI Features


Proven longer plug life: Iridium pads located on both the centre electrode and the ground electrode (hence DENSO Double Iridium - DDI) minimise spark gap expansion, ensuring a longer plug lifetime.


  • Double iridium alloy pads: the Iridium alloy pads (developed and patented by DENSO) are located on both the centre electrode and the ground electrode. The two pads dramatically improve wear resistance compared to other Iridium plugs by minimising spark gap expansion.
  • Convergence laser welding: wedges created by laser welding fix Iridium alloy pad securely on the ground electrode. Delivers high reliability in high temperature combustion engines.
  • Copper core ground electrode: copper slug inside the ground electrode increases the heat transfer. Increased heat transfer results in lower temperatures and improved plug life.