DENSO Refrigerators Connect

DENSO REFRIGERATORS CONNECT is the new service designed to provide all clients with a Service to control their fleet and transport conditions in which it works.

The objective of such partnership is to provide all Denso Refrigerators clients with a further added value for their products and to guarantee a highly competitive service that is distinctive compared with what is currently offered by the market, above all on vehicles destined for medicine transport.

vFlotte DENSO is a special Service Profile of vFlotte VIS platform, with features and functionalities properly designed for Denso Refrigerators clients, who will be able thereby to geolocalise their own vehicles and to remotely monitor load area temperature.

All Pharma Express Denso Refrigerators systems will be provided already equipped with a connection to GPS localiser, these GPS/GSM KITS may be purchased either directly with the Pharma kit or from VIS Srl and may be installed only by Denso Refrigerators official fitters. All end users may take out a monthly service subscription directly with VIS srl at the special and exclusive rate of DENSO REFRIGERATORS.

vFlotte DENSO is a WEB application (no software to be installed), which is always updated and accessible (with restricted access) from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone connected to the Internet and which allows to handle several profiles in order to manage groups or sub-fleets


Features of standard product:

1. Real-time localisation with update every 1 minute 


2. Real-Time and Position Tracking on Google Maps.


3. Position and Service History on map, either per vehicle or per the whole fleet, which can be printed and exported in multiple format and excel.

4. Daily Service Report, either per vehicle or per the whole fleet, with timetables, travel times, km and speed .

5. Temperature probe monitoring with printable charts (optional management up to 4 probes).


6. MULTI-USER Access

7. Management of sub-fleets and/or vehicle groups and/or multiple locations

8. Management of Vehicle Groups

9. Mail Notices for expiry kilometres and date

10. Data “online” availability up to 4 years, afterwards upon request on fixed media 

Optional Services:


  • CAN Bus Data Monitoring: km, RPM, consumptions and tank level.
  • Refuelling Report, either per vehicle or per the whole fleet, with date/time, place and estimate of refuelled litres.
  • Tank charts.

DENSO REFRIGERATORS CONNECT is supported by a specific web page at the following URL